Probably the easiest snack to make that you'll ever eat, but one of my favorites due to high calorie and decent protein content. It's pretty filling and it works great as a dessert too.

Total servings: 1

Prep time: 2 minutes | Total Time: 2 minutes

Nutrition facts per serving: 940 calories, 54g protein, 90g carbs, 40g fat

Required Equipment



Main Ingredients

  • fage total yogurt (2 cups, approx 454g) (440 calories, 40g protein, 18g carbs, 22g fat)
  • granola (1 cup, approx 110g) (500 calories, 14g protein, 72g carbs, 18g fat)

Nutrition total: 940 calories, 54g protein, 90g carbs, 40g fat

Preparation Instructions

  • Spoon yogurt onto a plate (I don't recommend a bowl due to the volume of yogurt).
  • Sprinkle granola over the top.
  • Add honey if you want to use it as a dessert and eat.

As usual all weight/calories/protein for things like meat are taken in an uncooked state and will be noted as such since there's too many variables. All nutrition values are taken from a Google search such as yellow onion nutrition. This means that nutritional counts may be slightly inaccurate, these are all approximations.